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Betternet is a utility that creates a virtual private network
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Betternet is a utility that creates a virtual private network. As it reroutes all your Internet traffic through that network and consequently modifies your real IP, it prevents your Internet activity from being tracked. It serves also as an additional security measure when you connect through unprotected networks, like public hotspots. Nevertheless, it seems that the most important use of this software is to avoid Internet restrictions such as those existing at work and in schools.

The utility has an extremely easy-to-use interface, which allows anyone to do many things that would otherwise be prohibitively difficult for most users. Firstly, the tool doesn't even require logging in with user data to the developer’s service. Secondly, it can automatically detect the most convenient server near your location. However, this could be a limitation for those users willing to choose a specific server.

Perhaps the most important consideration when choosing a service of this type is the quality of the connection. Luckily, Betternet supports an unlimited number of simultaneous connections. Besides, this application allows one of the fastest browsing experiences I have ever had with this type of tools.

In general, compared with other similar applications, Betternet may lack customization options, but it compensates it with awesome usability. In addition, the fact that it is absolute free definitely tips the scales in its favor.

Pedro Castro
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  • Has a nice straightforward interface.
  • Supports multiple simultaneous connections.
  • Works very fast


  • Doesn't allow choosing a specific server
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